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EduProtocols Plus Lifetime Subscription

Teach better, work less, and achieve more for less than one might spend on teaching resource websites in a year

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Smart Start Course

Amplify your school year with our new Smart Start course! This new course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary for success in the critical first weeks of school by introducing you to the transformative potential of the EduProtocols™️ mindset.

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Books by EduProtocols Authors

Explore our ever-expanding library of books on integrating EduProtocols into the primary, elementary, and secondary classroom. All books available in both print and Kindle format.

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EduProtocols Field Guide 1

By Marlena Hebern & Jon Corippo

16 student-centered lesson frames for infinite possibilities to help you teach better, work less, and achieve more. Are you stuck in the lecture-and-worksheet rut? Many teachers continue to struggle to break out of the corporate lesson-and-worksheet cycle to find fresh, meaningful ways to develop original, engaging and effective instruction. 

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EduProtocols Field Guide 2

By Marlena Hebern & Jon Corippo

In addition to including twelve new EduProtocols and nine teacher-reimagined iterations on lesson frames from the first book, The EduProtocol Field Guide: Book 2 takes a deeper dive into the research-supported learning theories behind the protocols. The authors also demonstrate how EduProtocols support a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) environment.

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Deploying EduProtocols

by Kim Voge

Research-Inspired, Teacher-Tested, Practical Ways for School Leaders to Improve Pedagogy Not just for classroom teachers, Deploying EduProtocols will help admins, TOSAs, and instructional coaches recognize new ways to adopt EduProtocols across an organization.

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EduProtocols Field Guide Math Edition

by Lisa Nowakowski and Jeremiah Ruesch

This book provide educators with a treasure trove of modular, innovative, and engaging math activities that can be adapted to any grade level. 

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EduProtocols Field Guide Social Studies Edition

by Dr. Scott M. Petri & Adam Moler

In this long-awaited edition, educators Dr. Scott M. Petri and Adam Moler demonstrate how to integrate your favorite EduProtocols with social studies instruction and also introduce a few new protocols that are sure to become staples in your classroom. With clear examples and step-by-step instructions for implementation, each EduProtocol is designed with Four Cs practices in mind.

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Free Content

Free resources to get you started on your EduProtocols journey towards teaching better and working less. 

EduProtocols for Newbies

This special 90 minute show with EduProtocol™️ gurus Marlena Hebern, Kim Voge & Jon Corippo walks you through how to get started with EduProtocols and the philosophy behind their implementation. Learn a few easy-to-implement EduProtocol lesson frames as you embrace a mindset that will allow you to teach better and work efficiently while your students achieve more!