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EduProtocols save teachers time. EduProtocols facilitate mastery of content and curriculum. EduProtocols develop the skills students need to be successful.

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Hi, we're Jon and Marlena, co-founders of EduProtocols and the authors of the EduProtocols Field Guides 1 and 2. We're here to make sure you're successful at implementing these strategies that just plain work! 



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Our affordable solution gives your staff the chance to learn in a way that works best for them -- live, recorded, online courses, or group coaching. And we even offer 1:1 planning appointments for teachers. Did we mention planning templates that are ready to go?

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Participate in live shows and coaching with EduProtocols authors and faculty

Marlena Hebern

Jon Corippo

Kim Voge

Ben Cogswell

Adam Moler

Jacob Carr

Lisa Nowakowski

Jennifer Dean

Dr. Scott Petri

Ariana Hernandez

Chris Bell

An evolving lineup of shows for deeper learning

We have shows for everyone from primary educators to new teachers to single subject teachers. Get the EduProtocols support you need for the subject you teach!

The EduProtocols Hotshot Show

If you are an experienced EduProtocols user and ready to level up, this is for you! Hosted by Jon Corippo with special guests every episode. Past guests include Dr. Scott McLeod, Nadine Gilkison, Josie Woziak, and more.

Ready. Set. Go!

EduProtocols step-by-step so you can shine! Beginners support group with Marlena Hebern and guests providing a scaffolded approach for educators who are new to EduProtocols.

Primarily EduProtocols

Join Jennifer Dean and Ben Cogswell for a show that is all about teaching and learning with our littlest students. Each show, Ben and Jenn unpack strategies, templates, and resources for scaffolding learning and helping our students develop numeracy, literacy, and a love for learning!

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Courses to help you learn and advance on the payscale  

Introduction to EduProtocols

This course aimed at introducing you to EduProtocols, a set of methods designed to enhance student engagement and collaboration in the classroom. Through practical examples and thoughtful reflection, this course offers insights into how these techniques can be applied in various educational contexts. It's an opportunity for you to expand their toolkit and discover ways to enrich learning experiences while saving yourself planning tim.



Cyber Sandwich

The "CyberSandwich" EduProtocol course provides an engaging method for students to collaborate online. Integrating reading, summarizing, and peer-to-peer feedback, the course encourages active participation. Students explore materials together, create summaries, exchange ideas, and synthesize understanding. Perfect for enhancing comprehension and critical thinking in a virtual learning environment.

Thin Slides

The "Thin Slides" EduProtocol course emphasizes concise, visual learning. In this creative approach, students craft minimalistic slides to represent key concepts, using only images and single words or short phrases. Encouraging critical thinking and synthesis, this course fosters deeper understanding by focusing on essential ideas, promoting clear, effective communication.



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With a lifetime membership to EduProtocols Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a variety of monthly shows and group coaching designed to enable you to masterfully implement EduProtocols in your classroom or school while supporting strong student academic outcomes–with your existing curriculum! And you’ll have the support of our team and authors to make sure you’re successful! If you can’t make the shows live, we’ve got you covered with audio podcasts and video recordings afterward so you can learn when you want to.


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  • Unlimited access to all recordings in video and podcast format
  • 2 to 4 live online events a year ($50 - 100 savings each year)
  • Discounts on our popular in person EduProtocols Academies
  • *Graduate/continuing education credits available for additional fee
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