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EduProtocols are as  much about teaching  your students how  to learn, as they  are about helping you reclaim your personal life.

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Our signature professional development program is as much about teaching your students how to learn, as it is about coaching you how to reclaim your personal time, and guides you along in the process of successfully integrating your existing curriculum into repeatable lesson design frames! 

  • 80+ lessons in our courses

  • Hundreds of video demonstrations

  •  Activities for classroom culture building

  • Implementation strategies tips, tricks, tools and techniques

  • Digital and printable templates

  • and so much more!



Broadcast LIVE! multiple times each month and also available ON-DEMAND, our CLASSES & COURSES focus on many of the most common EduProtocol strategies so you're succesful


  • Ready. Set. Go! EduProtocols for beginners
  • EduProtocols Hotshot Show (for more advanced users)
  • The Social Studies Show (Middle school/high school social studies)
  • The EduProtocols Math Show
  • Primarily EduProtocols (Primary/elementary)
  • The New Teacher Essentials Show
  • Slay the Sunday Scaries
  • ELA Unleashed (Middle school/high school ELA)
  • EduProtocols Coaching for Coaches
  • Artificially Intelligent Teaching & Learning
  • The EduProtocols Lab Report: Science
  • and special topic shows



  • Smart Start (with EduProtocols)

  • Introduction to EduProtocols
  • 8 p*ARTS of Speech EduProtocol
  • Bookakucha
  • Cyber Sandwich
  • Iron Chef Lesson Protocol
  • Mathreps
  • Sketch & Tell
  • Thin Slides
  • and more being added




Recognizing every student is different and each classroom situation unique, we personalize it for you with unlimited LIVE! HELP - as much as you want and as often as you need!​

  • Readily available
  • Easy to schedule
  • Individualized to your needs
  • Personalized for you and your classroom
  • Oh, and did we say it's always INCLUDED!



Exciting news... EduProtocols Plus resources are available everywhere you need them, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones!​

  • Available anywhere you have an internet connection

  • Also, download the app for your Apple and Android devices too!



Recognizing every educator is different and each classroom situation unique, we personalize it for you with unlimited LIVE! HELP - as much as you want and as often as you need!

  • Exclusive EduProtocols templates to save you time and money
  • Live group coaching
  • EduProtocols Community form for members
  • Ask the expert area
  • Community challenges
  • The EduProtocols Podcast
  • The EduProtocols Blog
  • 2 to 4 live online events a year ($50 - 100 savings each year)
  • Discounts on our popular in person EduProtocols Academies
  • Graduate/continuing education credits available for additional fee through our partner


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What do educators have to say about our program?

Sammie C.

Heading into my 27th year, I am re-energized and excited. The EduProtocols are effective, easy to implement, and reduces my overall planning time.

Angela S.

Students have multiple pathways to express their learning successfully. Also, EduProtocols are student-centered and shift the learning towards the student.

Maria G.

I can't say enough about Jon and his "support for life" mindset. His enthusiasm is infectious and I can't wait to share EduProtocols with my district

Carolyn T.

Jon never disappoints! He gives you the courage to just dive in and try! I asked him a question at the end to help me best assist some new teachers with questions and he took the time to stay after and give me examples and words to use to help encourage the teachers I coach. Thanks for investing so much time in your learners!

Jamie G.

Working with the EduProtocol coaches on strategies that can be implemented in any classroom, for any grade level, and with any subject provides me with the opportunity to teach better and with purpose. I can work less and spend quality time with my daughters rather than worry about grading and planning lessons where students have no buy in.

Mike M.

EduProtocols have become part of our district signature practices. Our teachers love the way the protocols shift the cognitive workload to the students.
We're now seeing students mastering content with better retention using EduProtocols!

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