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New to EduProtocols? Want to create a great classroom culture from the first day of school?

Amplify your school year with our new Smart Start course! This new course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary for success in the critical first weeks of school by introducing you to the transformative potential of the EduProtocols™️ mindset.

EduProtocols™️ were created by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern to address the need for students to engage in deeper learning using technology as a tool instead of a consumption device. Through prototyping, experimentation, and classroom testing, the EduProtocols™️ were born! And since then, thousands of classrooms has converted to student-centered instruction that helps you teach better, work less, and achieve more with students!

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Your guides for this course

Jon Corippo

Co-Founder of EduProtocols

Kim Voge

Author of Deploying EduProtocols

A scaffolded approach to EduProtocols

Through this course, you will develop confidence using various EduProtocols with students

The Fast & the Curious

A teaching method that fosters speedy and engaging learning. Students love it and will ask for more!

Frayer & Frayer a Friend

A pedagogical approach that promotes in-depth comprehension and collaborative learning among peers.

Thin Slides

A technique for developing succinct and visually attractive slide presentations to boost understanding.

Iron Chef Lesson

A unique, fun, and competitive method for planning and delivering lessons that encourage creativity and teamwork.

The "Why" behind EduProtocols


Guided by Jon and Kim, you’ll also explore the philosophy underpinning these efficacious strategies, enabling you to understand why EduProtocols are so successful across a variety of subjects and grade levels. They’ll offer a wealth of practical background information, substantiating rationales, and demonstrative examples that showcase how you can apply this method to enhance learning experiences.

Upon completion, you’ll discover the EduProtocols Smart Start Dashboard, a comprehensive resource housing all the essential templates covered in the course. You’ll also receive:


Master templates for seven distinct EduProtocols that save you planning time every single day.

Insightful Experience

Thorough background information to support you in designing pedagogical experiences that effectively resonate with students.


Preparation to Succeed

Thorough background information to support you in designing pedagogical experiences that effectively resonate with students

What sets this course apart? The flexibility of these lesson frameworks, which can be implemented at any stage of the academic year to reignite engagement and learning enthusiasm amongst your students.


Michael McCormick
Val Verde Unified

"EduProtocols is an incredible pedagogical approach that allows for maximum student engagement, multiple reps take students from practice to perfection in short order using technology, leaving nothing for teachers to grade!"

Maria G.
New Jersey

"I can’t say enough about Jon and his “support for life” mindset. Your enthusiasm is infectious and I can’t wait to share EduProtocols with my district!"

Michael Morrison
Laguna Beach Unified

EduProtocols have become part of our district signature practices. Our teachers love the way the protocols shift the cognitive workload to the students.
We're now seeing students mastering content with better retention using EduProtocols!

Prepare to revolutionize your teaching approach and captivate your students from day one!

Smart Start Your School Year​


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*Purchase price may be applied toward an EduProtocols Plus lifetime subscription within 1 year from date of purchase. ​